Evo-Linen Cinnamon Sheer 328cm


Linen is one of the most environmentally suitable yarns. Evo Linen is constructed from 87% Linen with a small amount of polyester added for stability and durability. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Spain, Evo Linen will retain its good looks for many years.
Linen is the King and Queen of fibres. Dating back to 4000BC; it has always been the luxury fibre for so many places in our lives – classic clothes, artist canvas’, sturdy and functional upholstery, beautiful and sensual bed linen and the most luxurious curtains. It will love moisture and dry heat which empowers it to move up and down the window. It also crushes. Both these characteristics are part of its character and beauty.
If you or your clients are looking for a classic fabric, your answer is ‘Evo Linen’.
Width: 328cm
Composition: 87% Linen/13% Polyester
Care Label: 3
Usage: Curtains only


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